YAD Volunteer Spotlight


Get to know some of the people who make YAD a success!


Andrew Schydlowsky

One of the driving forces in YAD is Andrew Schydlowsky, YAD’s Creative Visioning Chair. Andrew, along with Brett Locker, organized “The Tribe” softball team several years ago, which started a core group that is now involved in YAD.


“A young adult group in the Jewish community needed to be built. Everything I’ve done for YAD has to do with creating fun and interesting opportunities for connection. I’ve made many good friends, and it’s given me a place to connect and grow. Santa Barbara can be a challenging place to live, so it’s really important to have community. YAD is a great way to plug in and connect, create a community for yourself, and take what you want from it.”

Rachelle Pegg

YAD’s Campaign Events Chair Rachelle is a wonderful addition to the committee, and a passionate supporter. After attending the 2011 Vodka Latke party, Rachelle jumped into planning other creative events for YAD and the community, including several fundraisers.


"Being a part of YAD is something that I really enjoy! It feeds me to help organize fun events that bring people together, while giving back to our community. It’s satisfying hearing people comment on how fun YAD events are and seeing them make new friends."


Rachelle has attended TribeFest, a national Federation Young Leadership conference, with several other local YAD delegates who received grants from the Jewish Federation.


"It opened my eyes to the wonderful Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) that the Jewish Federations provide. It was so inspiring, and I am even more excited to share the amazing ideas I gained from the workshops and connections that I made. It has motivated me to get more involved in passing along the Federation’s mission."


About making the pledge from Rachelle Pegg:


I’ve recently made my pledge, have you? I had no idea that pledging to become a Zohan, Mensch, or SuperJew came with so many perks! Free admission to many events, free raffle tickets, drinks, and more! With everything that has recently occurred in Israel, the Jewish community needs your support now, more than ever! YAD has proven to be an important niche in our community and sustains a thriving community of young adults only from our contributors.


Becoming or renewing your Mensch, SuperJew, or Zohan status, not only provides numerous benefits, but it also supports the many important facets of our community locally and globally, which, of course, includes our Young Adult Division. This process will only take a few minutes and does a world of good. Please follow this secure link now.

We hope to see you at upcominging events. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide to our Jewish community.