Support Shanti House to Save At-Risk Youth


The Women's Division is coming together to support a very worthy cause, close to many of our hearts as mothers, sisters, and daughters.

We hope you will join us.


During the recent Heart to Heart Mission to Israel, the Santa Barbara delegation visited Shanti House and witnessed the incredible impact this organization is having on the lives of at risk youth every day. 


Shanti House was founded in 1984 and serves both as a temporary home and long-term support for runaway, homeless youth at risk aged 14-21 from all population strata and sectors, regardless of religion, race, sex or gender. They care for youth in immediate danger or likely to get involved in physical violence, sexual abuse, delinquency, prostitution, etc. Additionally, Shanti House offers a preventive program for youth at risk around Israel.


The Shanti House Association operates two separate homes: Shanti House in Tel Aviv and the Desert Shanti Youth Village located about 5 kilometers from Sde Boker. Altogether 75-105 youth stay in both homes on any given day.


Shanti House’s doors are open to emotionally injured, abandoned youth, who have often also been physically, sexually and emotionally abused. Shanti House believes that a loving home with people who care can change a person’s life. Therefore, home is the center of their care-giving model, with a compassionate family atmosphere.


Our goal is to raise $3,600 to support Shanti House.

Please consider making a contribution to this worthwhile cause.

Every gift makes a direct impact.