• An Exhibit in Photography...

  • An interactive display of contemporary portraits, narratives and archival material.

  • Depicts the journey of Santa Barbara survivors and refugees before, during and after the Holocaust.

  • Tour groups visit the exhibit and hear first-hand accounts from Holocaust survivors.

  • "Honoring our survivors symbolizes our victory over forgetfulness." ~Elie Wiesel

  • Life Journeys During the Holocaust and Beyond

Housed at the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara, Portraits of Survival has hosted over 7,000 visitors since its inception in November 2003. The Portraits educational program is making a life-changing impact on all those who participate, particularly community youth who engage with survivors around shared issues of identity, belonging, and experiences of being disenfranchised from the general population.


To schedule a program for groups and schools, contact:

Director of Lifelong Learning Samantha Silverman at sams@sbjf.org or (805) 957-1115.


For information on how you can support Portraits, contact:

Executive Director Cyndi Silverman at csilverman@sbjf.org or (805) 957-1115.


    Geared to all ages and backgrounds, providing first-hand accounts from Holocaust survivors and refugees. This educational program makes life-changing impact on participants.


    Upstanders: Courage in the Face of Evil honors and presents the stories of local residents who risked their own lives to protect victims of genocide during the Nazi regime of terror.


    As they appear in the exhibit, from their history before and during the Holocaust, to their arrival in Santa Barbara.


    Throughout the year the Portraits program provides special observances for Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron, Kristallnacht, and more.