Margaret Singer: Seeking Light.

The Jewish Federation is honored to be taking on the mission of the Margaret Singer Artist Project: To preserve, share and honor the artworks and story of Margaret Singer.

Margaret Singer: Seeking Light short documentary movie: Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, at the age of 17, tragedy and turbulence flung Margaret Singer far from her roots. With courage and purpose she bent darkness into light utilizing her gifts as an artist and a poet and her innate sense of truth and joy. Following her own compass, Margaret broke every mold of expectation for a woman, an immigrant and a refugee. She has created a body of work that will inspire generations. The art, wisdom and journey of 97 year old Margaret Singer is celebrated in the film Margaret Singer: Seeking Light. 

About the Director/Producer: Louise Palanker is a co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks which is now a division of I Heart Media. Her documentary, Family Band: The Cowsill Story appeared on Showtime for two years and is now available on Amazon Prime. She writes a weekly advice column for and founded the advice app for teens, Ask Weezy.Weezy’s current podcast, Things I Found Online looks at life through the lens of the internet and it is part of the Big Heads Media podcast network.
Weezy is a writer, producer, director, comedian, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter and drummer as well as the author of this bio. She grew up in Buffalo, NY and lives in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara with her husband Ron. 

Beloved friend and active community member, Margaret Singer, was a constant ray of joy at the JCC, regularly participating in yoga, Schmooze Room, poetry programs and Art Exhibitions. She also shared her artistry and poetic wisdom commemorating the Holocaust as a part of our Portraits of Survival Programs and Events. She was an avid supporter of the Jewish Federation and a prolific artist, poet and role model of the Jewish, Art and General Community. Margaret was a welcome fixture at the Bronfman Family Jewish Community Center since it's inception. Margaret transitioned peacefully on May 14, 2019, holding her niece’s hand. She was surrounded by those she loved, and passed away the way she lived, with grace, peace & beauty around her.
Margaret inspired many - her reach was expansive and while we feel loss & sadness in her passing, we also celebrate a life well lived, beautifully shared and filled with meaning and joy. With honor, we at the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara take on the mission of sharing Margaret's words and art with the world.