Our Sister City: Mitzpe Ramon, Israel


The town of Mitzpe Ramon sits on the edge of the Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel. A town of 5,500 people, in recent years Mitzpe Ramon has seen a renaissance with many new innovative and unique touristic businesses and attractions opening in and around the town. 

Santa Barbara Supports Mitzpe Ramon


The Women's Division successfully raised $36,000 to purchase an Ambucycle for our sister city in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. Thank you to everyone who helped support this campaign to save lives. Any additional donations collected will go towards a needed defibrillator for the public pool in Mitzpeh Ramon. 
In addition, thank you to those who helped support the Desert 19 campaign, raising $7000 for the employment community of Mitzpe Ramon. Desert 19 founder Hana Rado, a power house Israeli business leader and philanthropist, has made a simple promise to the women of Mitzpe Ramon.  If you walk through the doors of Desert 19 you will discover hope. Desert 19 educates, coaches, and pays while the women focus on marketable career training that is aligned with each women's potential. Hana has been able to launch this remarkable program because she has one team of professionals welcoming women to the working world, as well as a sales force team bringing outsourcing jobs to Desert 19. The result: these women land real jobs! These women have had no education after the army, or they worked before raising a family and now find themselves in Mitzpe Ramon with an antiquated skill set.
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Welcome to Mitzpe Ramon

A New Ambucycle!