Attacks in Tel Aviv, Sorona Market


The Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara is outraged by the heinous terrorist attack that took place in Tel Aviv on June 8, 2016. Four people have been confirmed killed and four others seriously wounded. The shooting occurred in the heart of Tel Aviv, inside the open-air Sorona Market. Israeli Police confirmed that the two attackers disguised as ultra-Orthodox Jews were arrested after being neutralized.


The Jewish Federation condemns this attack in the strongest terms possible, and supports Israel’s right to self-defense. The ongoing terrorism being waged across Israel against innocent civilians is intolerable, unacceptable, and will not hasten peace between the Israelis and Palestinians in any way, shape or form. Over the past eight months, 28 Israelis and 2 Americans have been killed, and over 400 people injured in more than 200 separate terrorist incidents, including car rammings, bombings, stabbings and shooting attacks.


The rising tide of extremism and violence in Israel is profoundly disturbing and reiterates the global threat terrorism poses to the entire free world.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara mourns deeply for those killed needlessly, and we offer our sincerest condolences to their families, while praying for the swift recovery of the injured.


We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara is dedicated to building a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community, to enhancing the well-being of Jews in Santa Barbara, Israel and throughout the world, and to strengthening the relationship between the Jewish Community and the community at large.


Michael S. Rassler

Executive Director


Laini Millar-Melnick

President, Board of Trustees