October 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


We are pleased to announce the anticipated availability of grants for calendar year 2015 from the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara (JFGSB), a 501-c-3 charitable organization.


JFGSB has served greater Santa Barbara for over 40 years.  Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, religion, creed, etc., the Federation is devoted to fulfilling a multitude of local needs while providing rescue and relief around the world.


JFGSB proudly supports numerous local agencies’, synagogues’ and other Jewish organizations’ programs in addition to those programs and services provided through our Jewish Family Service, Portraits of Survival, and Jewish Community Center.  We are committed to supporting the local Jewish and general communities and invite qualified, non-profit organizations to submit an application for funding.  More than $30,000* in local grants was provided during calendar year 2014.


While all proposals will be considered, the Board is particularly interested in supporting programs that promote the Federation’s mission to create and advance a cohesive Jewish community throughout Santa Barbara County.


In addition to three signed, stapled copies of your application, we also require one copy of each of the following to be submitted with your proposal:


      IRS Determination Letter (new agencies only)

      CA Tax-exempt Letter (new agencies only)

      Agency fiscal year budget (all applicants)


The deadline for consideration is November 17 by 5 PM (Pacific) mailed or delivered to the Jewish Federation.  The application can also be downloaded from our website:  www.JewishSantaBarbara.org.  Please direct questions to Marilyn Simon-Gersuk; 805-957-1115, x106.


In advance, thank you for your partnership.



Michael S. Rassler

Executive Director

* Previous program funding from the JFGSB does NOT guarantee future support.



(please TYPE in space provided – contact marilyn@sbjf.org with questions)




         Prior Recipient               New Applicant 

Legal Name of Applicant Organization: ____________________________________________________


Program Name: 




Full Mailing Address:


Chief Professional Officer:                                                        

Fax:                                         Email:                                                  Website: 




Contact Person & Title:                                               
Phone:                                                 Email:




 Type of Request: Program Support (existing program)           Seed Funding (new program) 

This Grant Request $                                       Total Program Budget:  $



 Total Organizational Budget for Current Year: $                               Fiscal Year begins: 



Summarize your 2015 request(s):









Proposal Authorization

We certify that the information in this application is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate and is submitted with our Board of Directors’ / Governing Body’s full knowledge and endorsement.




Name of Authorized Board / Governing Body Representative
Title                        Signature                               Date



Name of Lead Staff Member (or 2nd Representative)                 
Title                        Signature                               Date      


Program Funding Narrative

(please TYPE in space provided – contact marilyn@sbjf.org with questions)

1. For new applicants: Briefly state your organization’s mission, history and accomplishments.
For prior recipients:  Identify any updates to your mission and the accomplishments of your organization within the last year.











2.   If your organization received a 2014 allocation/grant please indicate the dollar amount, $_________, and describe the outcomes and impact of the program. (For partially completed programs, please provide current data).









3.  Describe the Program(s) for which you are seeking funding (demographics, activities/strategies, timeline).
















4.  What are your Program’s goals and specific outcomes for the grant period?  How will the effectiveness and/or impact of the Program be evaluated and communicated to your constituency(ies)/community?
















5.   If full Program funding is not available, what is the contingency plan for securing additional support?


Board of Directors / Governing Body

(please TYPE in space provided – contact marilyn@sbjf.org with questions)



Contact Info.  and  E-mail Address


Board Office/

Leadership Position







































































































How often does the Board / Governing Body meet?


Program Budget

(please use a separate page for each program – contact marilyn@sbjf.org with questions)



Name of Organization:             __________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                           


Name of Program (if different): ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________                 


Budget for the period (dates):  _____________________________________________________                   





For example:  Government grants, foundation grants, individual donations, business support, events, fees for service, etc.



Total Program ($)

Pending ($)

Secured ($)



























































List the In-Kind (non-cash) contributions for this Program: _____________________________________






Total Program ($)

This Request ($)