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Jewish Federations are collecting funds to help address the impact of over 200 fires raging across Israel, which have already displaced nearly 100,000 people. In many places, essential services such as electricity and train lines have been interrupted. Many major roads have been closed intermittently.

The impact on Israelis will be long-lasting.

Once the flames are extinguished, people will have to return to their damaged homes, schools and neighborhoods. Many community institutions that provide vital programs and services—including those of our partners—have been hit hard. They will be struggling to rebuild just when they are needed most. 

And in towns and cities across the country, people will need to join together and help one another overcome the traumatic impact of these unsettling times.

The Government of Israel is supporting those impacted by the fires primarily through local municipalities. Jewish Federations are working with our local partners and the National Emergency Authority to assess urgent and emerging needs.

Please watch this video of the fires from the Times of Israel.