27 2021

Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting & Purim Celebration

7:00PM - 8:00PM  


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Join us for a unique virtual event brought to you by the Jewish Federation's Men's Division. Open to anyone 21 years or older.

Taste four delicious Scottish Highlands Glenmorangie single malt whiskies (10 year Original, La Santa 12 year, Quinta Ruban 12 year, and Nector D'Or 12 year cask) while being guided by special guest, whisky sommelier Marcos Weinstein. Make the experience more special by adding a (vegetarian/cheese) food pairing box by Catering Connection, and mouth watering hamantaschen freshly baked by Chef Doug Weinstein.

By participating in this fundraiser, not only will you enjoy and learn about delicious Scottish whisky, you'll also perform the mitzvah of drinking on Purim...all from the comfort of home!

Why do we drink on Purim? On Purim, the Talmud tells us that it is a mitzvah (obligation), to drink alcohol (responsibly, of course!) to the point that we can no longer tell the difference between “Blessed is Mordechai” and “Cursed is Haman” – between good and evil – bringing us to our true selves on this day, a place of humility. We also celebrate with unbridled joy overcoming an enemy out to destroy our people.

Buy tickets before February 17 to have your tasting kit and food items delivered.

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