17 2020

JWN Virtual Coffee & Connection w/ Hallie Avolio

11:00AM - 12:00PM  


Contact Ruby Vargeson

In this time of COVID-19, have you struggled with identifying a routine that nourishes you, mind and body? Are you looking to implement a practice of self-care that “sticks”? The key is in choosing practices that are sustainable. Join us for a very special coffee hour with Hallie Avolio who is sure to energize you and inspire you to take very good care of yourself.

Hallie Avolio is the President & Founder of Sassy Healthy Fit, a lifestyle brand that empowers In Demand Women to prioritize themselves and unlock their sassy side without guilt. Hallie is a huge believer in the power of positivity, affirmations and taking action that is simple, sustainable and fun. Hallie is the host of Sassy AF TV, a writer, a speaker, and a passionate leader for her growing community of In Demand Women. You can connect with Hallie through www.sassyhealthy.fit or on all social media platforms @sassyhealthyfit.

RSVP to Ruby at rvargeson@sbjf.org for Zoom info.