9 2018

JWN Coffee Hour-jan9

9:00AM - 10:00AM  

Jewish Women's Network Coffee Hour
Tuesday, January 9th • 9:00-10:00 am

The Santa Barbara Club, 1105 Chapala Street
JWN Coffee Hour is $12 per person, thanks to the generosity of Bryant & Sons
RSVP to Jspear@sbjf.org and bring a new friend! 
Deborah S. Levinson, LCSW is a Johns Hopkins trained psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with a  private practice in Manhattan.  She is a member of the education committee for the Clinical Social Work Association, a national organization with a focus on political advocacy.
Mrs. Levinson crafted the Spousal Loss Model from a series of qualitative interviews which she then published
in the professional literature.  Later she wrote three very practical books for the nonprofessional.  These books give a Michelin type guide for how to craft the next chapter in your life after a major loss:  death, divorce, or end of a long-term relationship. Mrs. Levinson has lectured to both lay and professional audiences all across the country. Among her talks across the country, she presented to Grand Rounds at Cottage Hospital and to Hospice of Santa Barbara. 
Today, Mrs. Levinson will outline for us the three-stage pragmatic model for crafting the next chapter in one’s life after major loss.  She will highlight the issues one will face. She will indicate how the adjustment differs for men and women based on how they form their identity and she will discuss the difference in the journey for younger and older widows.