21 2023

Experiential Torah with Daniel Hochman

5:30PM - 6:30PM  


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(805) 957-1115

Our experience is personal. We connect with our lives, with others, and with the divine by experiencing ourselves. The truer we are when looking inward, the truer we are when we experience G-d. Join us on a journey inward.
In each session, Daniel Hochman will take the week’s Torah portion and connect it to our lives today. In an immersive discussion, he will take a non-traditional dive into the depths of our Torah, and help you apply the teaching to your own life. Our existential, intrapersonal examination of the Parsha will then transition into a guided meditation. Each participant goes on a walk inside their mind, encountering beauty, surprises, and even a few challenges along the way. During this experience of guided imagery, each person comes face to face with an experience tailored to connect them with the teaching of the Torah portion.

While some Torah study groups are academic, Experiential Torah brings the participant face to face with life-changing moments. Our ancient teachings come alive inside our imaginations as each person grows along the journey. Daniel is honored and humbled to facilitate the personal growth that may be discovered by all.

Please join us in this safe, engaging, and nourishing exploration of the stories that have guided our people for millennia!

"Thank you for yet another marvelous session of Experiential Torah. It provided a much needed emotional, mental and spiritual reset." – Brook

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