13 2014

Deep Travel with Award-Winning Jewish Travel Journalist Judith Fein

6:00PM - 7:30PM  

Vita Travel Store 12 W Anapamu St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 845-4004

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Award-winning international Jewish travel journalist Judith Fein will be coming to Vita Travel, while on a national book tour, to give a special talk – with her characteristic humor and truth telling – about how to be in a deep traveler mindset on the road and in daily life. She will be discussing and signing her two critically acclaimed books, "Life is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel" and the recently released "The Spoon From Minkowitz" about Judith's quest to find her heritage leading her to a small village in Russia.

Judith Fein contributes to over 100 publications, including the Jerusalem Post, Hadassah Magazine, The San Diego Jewish Journal, and Jewish.Travel Magazine – to name a few! One of her specialties as a travel journalist is investigating and connecting to little-known Jewish communities around the world. In her most recent book, "The Spoon From Minkowitz," she writes with humor and passion about what remains of the world our ancestors left behind in Eastern Europe. Judith is an Emotional Genealogist, and she explains how whether you know who they are or not, your ancestors influence every aspect of your life - work, relationships, love, money, emotions. By tracking your family stories and behavior patterns, you can find out where you really come from and where you are going. In a rootless world, Fein talks about how your roots give you purpose, stability, and meaning.

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Directly following this special talk, there will be an OPTIONAL intimate dinner with Judith at the new Benchmark Eatery where, for only $30, you will have your choice of 2 decadent courses from Benchmark Eatery as well as having your more personalized travel questions answered. SEATING IS LIMITED for this intimate dinner! If you wish to attend this optional dinner please RSVP by calling (805) 845-4004, emailing, or come by our retail location!