9 2022

COVID-19 and Current Scams – A Financial Pandemic

12:00PM - 1:00PM  


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Presented by Vicki Johnson, Senior Deputy District Attorney

Scammers have lost no time in finding ways to profit from the spread of COVID-19. They are using people’s fears, isolation and desperate need for knowledge to trick victims into giving them their money, personal information, or both. According to the FBI, “The COVID-19 pandemic provides criminal opportunities on a scale likely to dwarf anything seen before. The speed at which criminals are devising and executing their schemes is truly breathtaking.” (FBI - 4/15/20 press release)

Ms. Johnson’s presentation discusses a program designed by the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office to provide fraud prevention, intervention, and victim support. The program focuses on the COVID-19 scams operating nationwide, as well as the most current scams operating in Santa Barbara County. She will describe how crooks dupe unsuspecting victims, and what you can do to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

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