19 2020

Coffee & Connection - Transformational Creative Coaching with Tressa Berman

11:00AM - 12:00PM  


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Live Your Fully-Expressed Creative Self!
Do you feel overwhelmed by what is happening right now – in your life? In the world? In your mind? Do you have creative ideas, projects, or not-yet-formed dreams that call out for you to start? To finish? To recognize yourself in what you do? This Transformational Creative Coaching workshop will introduce you to some of the tools and concepts Tressa has developed in more than thirty years of working with creatives of all stripes, and to work with the saboteurs that keep you from realizing the full expression of your creative spirit.

Tressa Berman, Ph.D., is a former university and art college professor, ethnographer, curator, art writer, and poet. She has worked with hundreds of artists, writers and creative entrepreneurs to achieve their goals with awareness, clarity and momentum by bringing together her knowledge of the creative process with powerful mindset practices that draw from her work as an anthropologist and Buddhist meditation teacher.

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