Your passion and commitment will help to sustain the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara so we continue to nurture, enhance, and delight our community, as well as the generations to come.


From art, music, and cultural exhibits designed to bring the whole community together to a kosher-style Jewish deli, the Jewish Federation's reimagined downtown gathering space can be a reality with your help.


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New Floorplan

Center for Jewish Education

CJE – Activity Room

The Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara is creating a Center for Jewish Education with a mission to educate; ignite passion, curiosity, and pride; and illuminate our Jewish culture.


Jewish identity is deeply rooted in a value system that enables us to make a positive impact and excel in the world. The Torah commands us to work to better the world through Tzedakah (charity) and Gimelut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness). These two mainstays of Jewish identity have proven invaluable in integrating into the Santa Barbara community. Jewish philanthropy can be seen everywhere you look in this town, from the breathtaking artistry of the Granada Theater, to the modern design of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz School of Education. 


This was not always the case. We worked hard to break down barriers and forge the inroads necessary to integrate fully. Examples of this are right here in our own community. As late as the 1940s, Jews were not allowed to live or purchase property in Hope Ranch or become members of numerous private clubs. We have lived and died through unimaginable experiences, but we are not defined by our tragedies. We are defined by the collective strength and perseverance that has enabled us to overcome unspeakable adversity and not just survive, but thrive, excel, and contribute beyond measure.


The Center for Jewish Education will pass on the incredible tales of this strength and instill pride in generations to come.

Key Components:

  • Welcoming lobby
  • Interactive museum of Jewish history modeled on the Tenement Museum 
    • This museum will integrate and expand upon our current Portraits of Survival exhibit 
  • Extensive film archive and library 
  • Conference and lecture room
  • Portraits of Survival gallery and upstanders of World War II
  • Classrooms for teaching
  • Visiting lectures by Jewish scholars and luminaries
    • Including Nobel laureates and award-winning scholars for discovery in science, literature, and philosophy
    • Lectures on justice, civil rights, philosophy and the rule of law
  • Jewish educational programming for every age demographic, covering a wide range of topics
  • Jewish holiday programming curated for each target demographic and designed to be relatable and inspirational
  • An in-house Jewish educator who will design and implement programming and events, and coordinate visiting lecturers 

CJE – Conference Room

Kosher-style Deli & Kitchen

It is often said that the heart of the home is the kitchen. Investing in the Jewish Federation Kitchen is investing in the heart of our organization. Feeding those in need of nourishment, being a place to grab a healthy meal while meeting new friends, is at the core of our mission. Helping Federation elevate its kitchen to professional standards will allow us to expand our menu offerings to provide a wide array of Jewish Food Experiences to the public.


Our vision is a kosher-style Jewish Deli that will provide a sorely missing element in Santa Barbara’s food scene.


Naming opportunity available.