YAD Shabbat Dinner - May 20th

On Friday, May 20th, members of the Young Adult Division (YAD) and a few special guests were invited to a beautiful Shabbat dinner at Leslie and Mark Schneiderman's home.

From the BBQ'd artisan pizzas to the homemade challah (Thank you, Atty Berry!), as well as mouth-watering salmon, kale and quinoa salads, the 20 or so guests were spoiled! Dining al fresco under the beautiful, serene sky of Montecito, new and old friends came together to connect and share in welcoming Shabbat. 

For more info on the Young Adult Division (YAD), visit the YAD page, join the YAD Facebook group, or contact Jilli Spear, jspear@sbjf.org.


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