Update: Desert 19

"Dear Jilli and the Women's Philanthropy Division of Greater Santa Barbara,             


It really made our day to hear about your donation, to know that you support our actions and agenda really fills our sails, and we really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

public-benefit businesses are not recognized or supported by the state, Desert nineteen came to life by strong will and hard work which is why we are grateful and thankful that you recognized our need for donations.

We will greatly appreciate more donations in the future, every Shekel goes to developing and training of the work force, creating more jobs and opportunities for employment, including equipment and professional courses.

Again, we want to thank you deeply and sincerely. Your support will aid us in furthering our goals. We consider you our partners and an important part of our project. We will keep you updated about the employee that will benefit from your donation and introduce her once she is initiated in to Desert Nineteen. We hope to cooperate with all of you again in the future."


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