Update: Ambucycle #806

This Just In: Update from United Hatzalah on the donated Ambucycle #806


"Your ambucycle has been reassigned to Alon Barzilai of Sde Boker and continues to do amazing work.


Recently one Friday evening, Alon was enjoying the Shabbat meal with family and friends when he was alerted to a nearby medical emergency involving a baby. The dedicated volunteer dashed outside to your ambucycle and raced to the address.


Alon rushed inside the home and saw unfamiliar faces; the family had just moved to Sde Boker. Their six-month-old baby girl was lying on the ground, blue-faced and not breathing! Alon quickly began to administer artificial respirations. Due to the severity of the call, additional United Hatzalah medics responded as well. Together the team manually oxygenated the little girl, and a few minutes later their efforts were rewarded when the baby’s color returned and she began to breathe on her own! The parents let out a sigh of relief. Alon and the team continued to care for the little girl and she slowly regained consciousness. The ambulance finally arrived in Sde Boker about 45 minutes later, which is the norm for towns in Israel’s periphery, and transported baby and parents to the hospital.


Some time later, Alon was walking in Sde Boker when he saw a slightly familiar person. The man also recognized Alon a bit and the two began to talk to each other, trying to determine how they may have known each other. Then Alon realized – he had been in the man’s home when they responded to the little girl who had stopped breathing! The man emotionally embraced Alon, and shared that his daughter had been given a clean bill of health at the hospital and has since returned home.


Your speedy ambucycle, in memory of Stephen P. Manger, is saving lives. Thank you for partnering with United Hatzalah."