United Hatzalah - Ambucycle Continues to Save Lives

Ambucycle #806, with its rider Claudio, is racing to emergencies around the clock. Claudio gladly shared with us a few recent calls.


One day around noon, a 39 year-old employee suffered a hard fall at her workplace in Mitzpe Ramon. Claudio happened to be nearby and raced over as soon as he got the call. The victim, who has a pre-existing medical condition, suffered intense back pain from the fall. Claudio suspected possible spinal injuries. He affixed a neck brace and immobilized the victim on a backboard to prevent further exacerbation of injury. An ambulance arrived, and the patient was whisked to the nearest hospital.


At another call that took place around midnight, a pregnant 32 year-old woman in Merhav Am suddenly began experiencing sharp pains in her back and abdomen. Extremely concerned, she called for help. Despite the lateness of the call, Claudio dashed outside and zoomed to the neighboring community.


Claudio arrived at the address and found the woman in her living room in significant pain. Despite the apparent likelihood of early onset of labor, the experienced medic conducted a comprehensive medical assessment which indicated a potential serious abdominal condition. Claudio explained to her that it was critical to get a complete checkup at the hospital. An ambulance later arrived to transport the woman.

Living in a small town in the Negev used to mean longer response times for EMS. Thanks to your speedy ambucycle, Claudio is able to provide patients with prompt emergency medical response in the fastest time possible. 


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