The Women's Division's 2017 Tzedakah Project

Connected to The Women’s Division’s 2017 Tzedakah Project, two life-saving vehicles have been donated to Santa Barbara’s sister city, Mitzpe Ramon, and the surrounding areas!


A United Hatzalah Ambucycle was donated by the BL Manger Foundation, thanks to a Women’s Division member and Foundation Trustee, and an additional United Hatzalah Mini-Lance was donated by the Women’s Division. The Mini-Lance was officially dedicated in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel on February 2, 2018.


Participants in the 2018 JFNA Heart to Heart Mission to Israel were in attendance for the dedication as part of a Mission extension to visit Mitzpe Ramon.

A beautiful dedication and celebration was held at Mitzpe Ramon’s High School. The Mayor, Roni Marom participated in speaking as well as being part of the ribbon cutting ceremony along with Laini Millar Melnick, Board President. Gail Tennen, Board member, Doralee Jacobson, Leyla Williams, and Women’s division Director, Jilli Spear, all participated in the ceremony. The community expressed tremendous gratitude and appreciation for these life-saving gifts. The volunteer EMTs who will be driving the vehicles were there to meet the crowd as well. 

United Hatzalah Israel’s largest all-volunteer EMS organization, has been at the pinnacle of EMS innovation for the past decade, having introduced the ambucycle, a motorcycle with all of the medical equipment an ambulance carries aside from a stretcher, more than 15 years ago.

The newest response vehicle is being dubbed the “Mini-Lance”. It is an electrical smart-car that allows two responders to travel together inside metropolitan areas providing fast EMS response. Like its progenitor, the Mini-Lance contains a full complement of medical equipment appropriate for the level of the responder driving it. EMTs will carry a basic life support (BLS) pack, while volunteer paramedics and doctors will carry advanced life support (ALS) packs in the trunk.

The minilance was found to be totally quiet and economical because it runs solely on electric power. The compact vehicle allows for two volunteer responders to travel together in the vehicle while bringing their medical equipment such as a defibrillator and an extra oxygen tank if necessary. The vehicle has a total length of 200 centimeters, a width of 130 centimeters, and can traverse 100 kilometers without recharging.


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