Margaret Singer turns 95!

Many know Margaret Singer as an amazing artist, teacher, poet, Survivor, and a vocal vegetarian. A venerated member of the Jewish community, she is cherished by all who know her. She was an inspiring art teacher, and has such a loving, creative, and kick-in-the-pants positive spirit that she engenders joy and makes our community brighter.

She has become a Life Coach and a friend to many who know her. Never allowing a negative thought, word, or action, Margaret is a healing blessing to any damaged spirit. Her art is proudly exhibited at the Jewish Federation's Art at the JCC Gallery Collection and her Survivor story stands strong with the Portraits of Survival and Upstanders Permanent Exhibit and online documentaries.

It is an absolute honor to be in her presence. Please help celebrate Margaret's 95 years young, which is June 11, to be celebrated at Jewish Family Service's "Schmooze Room" lunch program on Tuesday, June 7, 12:00-1:00 PM.


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