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A Sabbath Message: Shemini

Our drash this week is brought to you by the number eight, also known as ShemonehShemini, the name of our Parasha, is the pronunciation of the ordinal number. We read about some of the dietary laws (Kashrut) given to us in the Torah, for example, identifying kosher animals and disting…

A Sabbath Message: Honoring our Holy Day of Rest

In this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Vayakhel, we are instructed to keep the holy day of Shabbat. As you venture into the weekend, I encourage you to take some time to honor the holiest day of rest in a way that is both meaningful and rejuvenating for you.

As soon as instructions for …

A Sabbath Message: Ki Tissa – Faith as the Absence of Fear

“If you approach the mountain in fear, it will look bigger than it actually is.” – Tene Edwards 

This week’s Parsha, Ki Tissa (Exodus 30:11–34:35), is one of the Torah’s greatest hits. Moses is on Mount Sinai, preparing to receive the original Ten Commandments. He has been go…

A Sabbath Message: Terumah – Creating a Dwelling Place for Divinity

“I believe that what elevates us in life is not what we receive but what we give. The more of ourselves that we give, the greater we become.”  

– Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

In this week’s Parsha, Terumah, God turns the tables on the Israelites. Up to this point, God has been the one g…

A Sabbath Message: Mishpatim

I was speaking with a colleague this week about the possibility that this is the most anticlimactic Torah portion, ever.

Last week, we had just left Egypt – plagues, pain, and death. Plus, a chariot chase scene and the trust of one man named “Nachson,” bravely stepping into the waters…