Art by Naomi Bollag


This year, Art at the JCC features AAC and Jewish community member, Naomi Bollag.


With such a voluminous body of work it would seem that Naomi has been painting in her current style for decades, but in fact it was after the twin disasters of the Thomas Fire and Montecito Mudslides that she transformed the deep grief she felt into her current style of painting.


When asked about how she works, Naomi shared that the art “does itself”— that she chooses the colors and size of canvas first and then time disappears, and she finds flow. As she works, she likes to think of where her paintings will hang and how the colors will complement the home. She is especially drawn to gold and beige. Her work hangs in several Sansum Clinic locations as well as at China Pavilion restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara. Deeply philanthropic, Naomi has donated several works to silent auctions which raised funds for both Laguna Blanca School and Middle School.


When asked about painting in our COVID-19 era, Naomi said that initially she was “paralyzed” with fear and uncertainty about the virus, but after two weeks she returned with a force and has been creating fervently since then.


Her next show will be at the newly remodeled Jewish Federation, where all works on view will be available for purchase.


Naomi added, “During difficult times of anxiety and stress, I can always turn to my canvases. They have been and are still there for me. Painting is a place where I can escape from stress and feel free to express my feelings without recourse. It feels safe to me and I want those who view my art to feel the same, sort of like an artistic Rorschach method.”


You can learn more about Naomi and her work on her website


All works below are for sale and proceeds support Jewish Federation programs.


For more information or to purchase one of Naomi's pieces, contact Mike Witt at or (805) 957-1115. 

Gallery Hours:

Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-1:00 pm


Please call in advance of your visit, as the gallery is often used for classes and events, (805) 957-1115.


Exhibit is open to the public. Free admission.

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