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African Indigenous Wisdom and Kabbalah:
A Spiritual Journey

with David Cumes, MD
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
5:30 - 7:00 pm

Bronfman Family Jewish Community Center
524 Chapala St., Santa Barbara
Free of charge. Open to all.
RSVP or info: or 957-1115
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Sponsored by OMEGA Programof Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education Division, Center for Successful Aging, and
Jewish Federation's Adult Education

David Cumes, MDJoin Dr. David Cumes, surgeon, shamanic healer and author, in exploring the parallels between South African shamanism (sangoma wisdom) and Kabbalah.  Both African and Jewish tenets are monotheistic. They also believe in the active presence of light and dark forces and in the importance of polarity balance or the law of opposites. Ancient Hebrew sages spoke both from here and beyond the veil with dreams to their students instructing them in Torah and Talmud just as the spirits speak to sangomas through dreams, trance and divination bones to relay seminal information.

You are invited to participate in a discussion of these and other universal truths and sacred practices that these great cultural and spiritual traditions have in common.

David Cumes. M.D. is a local surgeon, Sangoma (South African shaman) and author of several books. He is an early advocate of complementary medicine - bridging the connections between spirituality and healing. Dr. Cumes is a sought-after speaker on the significance of dreams in our lives (he recently spoke at the International Jungian Conference in Cape Town), and also on death as a joyous perception and reality of life's continuance. Dr. Cumes gave this talk at the Jewish Cultural Center in Johannesburg, S. Africa.

Dr. Cumes was born in South Africa and received his medical training in Johannesburg. Specializing in urology, he has taught at Stanford Medical Center, has published extensively in professional journals and currently has a private practice in Santa Barbara. He is a trained surgeon steeped in the allopathic paradigm of Western medicine and is an African-trained shaman.

Dr. Cumes is committed to bridging Western allopathic medicine and ancient African healing wisdom, emphasizing the intuitive, receptive, artistic, compassionate and mystical. Going back to our root or core self with the help of ancient African wisdom gives us not only an understanding of our origins but a clear perspective of a new and, at the some time, very old paradigm of healing.